Stuffed potatoes recipe

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Pi Yu Fb Tw Wa Em

   Stuffed potatoes with minced meat baked in the oven it’s one of my favorite meal from a childhood. Easy to cook, but delicious and lovely family meal at the same time. Potatoes stuffed with meat might be a main dish on your festive table. In this recipe potato stuffing with meat, but, you could use any fillings as fish, mushrooms and cheese if desire


2 kg (2½ pounds) medium potatoes uniform size
500 g (~1 pound) minced meat (beef, pork or mix beef and pork)
1 big onion, peeled and finely chopped
½ cup of finely chopped fresh greens: mix of parsley, coriander, dill and thyme
Salt, ground black pepper to taste
200 ml (~1 cup) Greek yogurt or sour cream
3-4 gloves of garlic, minced
200 ml (~1 cup) water

Let’s get started!

  1.  Preheat the oven up to 180° C or 356° F.
  2. Place minced meat, onion, greens (leave 2 tbsp of greens for sauce). Add salt and ground black pepper. Thoroughly mix together by hands.Raw minced meat with finely chopped fresh greens and onion in a bowl closeup.
  3. Sauce: Mix greens, garlic, yogurt and water in a blender, add salt and ground black pepper to taste.
  4. Peel potatoes and remove the inside with the potato spiral cutter (see photo). Keep raw peeled potatoes in a bowl with cold water, so it’s doesn’t becomes black.Stuffed potato corer on a white background closeup.Steps of preparing raw potatoes for a stuffing close up.Raw potatoes ready for a stuffing on a brown plate close up.

    Stuffed potatoes uncooked
    Stuffed potatoes uncooked
  5. Stuff each potato with meat filling and put in a deep baking dish. Put potato spirals on top and add sauce.

    Stuffed potatoes uncooked
    Stuffed potatoes uncooked
  6. Bake stuffed potatoes in the oven 30-40 minutes until it becomes roasted.
  7. Serve stuffed baking potato warm with sauce, yogurt or sour cream. Garnish with greens or  salad.


Bon appetite!!!!

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Pi Yu Fb Tw Wa Em

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Recipe category:Mains
Recipe Yeld:6 Portions
Preparation Time:20M
Total Time:2H
Calories:463 Calories


5 responses to “Stuffed potatoes recipe”

  1. Rosemarie Avatar

    What is that potato gadget you spoke of up there I can not find it online at all do u know where I can purchase it. Thank you

    1. larisa Avatar

      @Rosemarie it’s a Spiral Potato Cutter Look for it in internet or in the supermarkets

  2. Rosemarie Avatar

    Ok thanks I can’t find it I will keep looking. Thanks again

    1. larisa Avatar

      @Rosemarie I live in Cyprus now. Here I bought that cutter in the Metro supermarket. It was hanging in the area with garlic press and other small stuff. 🙂

  3. larisa Avatar

    @Rosemarie look for this tool on tescoma website

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