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  • Syrniki – Russian Cottage Cheese Pancakes

    Syrniki – Russian Cottage Cheese Pancakes

    3.89/5 (9) Syrniki are traditional dish in the Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian cuisine. This is pancakes from quark (cottage cheese), eggs and flour, which usually fried on a vegetable oil or butter. To bake syrniki in the oven tasty as well (recipe is here). Using less flour guarantees gentle creamy texture of pancakes.  You could also…

  • Eggs Baked in Ham Cups – Easy Breakfast Recipe

    Eggs Baked in Ham Cups – Easy Breakfast Recipe

    4/5 (4) Eggs baked in ham cups garnish with green peas fried with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. Sounds tasty, isn’t it? This quick, simple and very tasty recipe is perfect for brunch. If you don’t have sun-dried tomatoes you could easily replace them on fresh cherry tomatoes. Ingredients: For eggs baked in ham cups: 4 large…

  • Apple Cake Recipe

    Apple Cake Recipe

    4.5/5 (4) Apple cake is one of most cozy recipes for homemade baking. It will fill your kitchen with fragrance of baked apples and spices.  Soft and fluffy, with caramelized apples inside and with tasty crunchy crust…. delicious! This apple pie will disappear in few minutes. Please rate this Choose rating

  • Chocolate chip cookies

    Chocolate chip cookies

    4/5 (1) Chocolate chips cookies is yummy and delicious,  with crisp edges and soft middle. Easy to cook and gone in a minute. I guarantee that these chocolate chip cookies become one of your hits! Enjoy this tasty dessert with tea, coffee, milk or glass of wine. Ingredients: 250 g (2 cups) all purpose flour…

  • Chicken Liver Pate

    Chicken Liver Pate

    4.5/5 (2) Today we will cook delicious chicken liver pate with port wine. This chicken liver pate has a really gentle texture and mild taste and might be good starters in any time of the day in any season. And it pretty easy to cook. Video Recipe: Ingredients: 500 g chicken liver, trimmed and cut…

  • Pancakes from broccoli and cheese

    Pancakes from broccoli and cheese

    4/5 (2) Broccoli and cheese pancakes Today we will cook tasty, light and very gentle broccoli pancakes with soft cheese. But, before to cook I’ll tell you about a broccoli. Broccoli is a vegetable in the cabbage family. Broccoli is classified in the same cultivar group as a cauliflower. Edible part of broccoli its large…

  • Syrniki baked in the oven (cheese cupcakes)!

    Syrniki baked in the oven (cheese cupcakes)!

    5/5 (13) Syrniki is a traditional Russian and Ukrainian dessert from cottage cheese (curd cheese, quark). Usually syrniki is fried on the pan in hot oil. Classic recipe of syrniki is here. But, here I propose a different way to cook them. It’s much easier and super-healthy! We will bake them! If you’re interesting in…