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  • Gingerbread


    4/5 (1) Gingerbread is traditional delicious and flavorful baked goods. Especially it’s good at winter with tea or coffee. Flavor of spices makes a cozy atmosphere and cheer up. Decorated gingerbread cookies might become a gift for your family, friends and colleagues. The size and shape of gingerbread depends just from your fantasy.  You could…

  • Chocolate truffles with mascarpone cheese

    Chocolate truffles with mascarpone cheese

    4.5/5 (2) Chocolate truffles its chocolate confectioneries which name derives from their traditional shape, which resembles the truffle fungus. Traditionally their made from a chocolate ganache center (mix of chocolate and cream) coated in chocolate, cocoa powder or chopped nuts or coconut. Today here’s a recipe of delicious chocolate truffles with mascarpone cheese. They have…

  • Syrniki baked in the oven (cheese cupcakes)!

    Syrniki baked in the oven (cheese cupcakes)!

    5/5 (13) Syrniki is a traditional Russian and Ukrainian dessert from cottage cheese (curd cheese, quark). Usually syrniki is fried on the pan in hot oil. Classic recipe of syrniki is here. But, here I propose a different way to cook them. It’s much easier and super-healthy! We will bake them! If you’re interesting in…