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  • Apple Cake Recipe

    Apple Cake Recipe

    4.5/5 (4) Apple cake is one of most cozy recipes for homemade baking. It will fill your kitchen with fragrance of baked apples and spices.  Soft and fluffy, with caramelized apples inside and with tasty crunchy crust…. delicious! This apple pie will disappear in few minutes. Please rate this Choose rating

  • Kulich Recipe – Traditional Easter Bread

    Kulich Recipe – Traditional Easter Bread

    4.33/5 (3) Kulich is traditional Russian Easter bread. This recipe is from my mother. It will take time, but when your kulich is ready you will see that it’s worth it. Bake kulich in different sizes and use as Easter gifts for friends, kids and family. Ingredients (for 2 big Kulich): 2-2 ½ pounds wheat flour…

  • Khachapuri Adjarian – Adjaruli

    Khachapuri Adjarian – Adjaruli

    5/5 (1) Adjarian khachapuri Khachapuri is one of the famous dishes of Georgian cuisine. It looks like cheese-filled bread. Each region of Georgia has its own recipe for khachapuri. There are Mingrelian, Imeretian, Rachuli, Adjarian, Svanuri and others kind of khachapuri. Khachapuri might be open or closed and has different shape and filling. Today I’ll…