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  • Lemon rice with cashew nuts (Nimbu Chawal)

    Lemon rice with cashew nuts (Nimbu Chawal)

    4.67/5 (6) Lemon rice with cashew nuts (nimbu chawal) – is one of the traditional dishes in the Southern States of India. Turmeric gives it beautiful bright yellow color, lemon – fresh taste, and combination of spices – magic flavor. Traditionally, during the cooking of lemon rice are added mung beans.  But, you could cook…

  • Dolma (tolma, sarma)

    Dolma (tolma, sarma)

    5/5 (3) Dolma (tolma, sarma) is a delicious meal from stuffed grape leaves. Traditional filling of dolma include rice with vegetables and herbs. Today I’ll tell you how to cook dolma with the meat and rice filling. It will take some time, but, you will like a result. Dolma video Ingredients: For dolma:    500-600…