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  • Minestrone soup recipe

    Minestrone soup recipe

    4.5/5 (6) Minestrone soup – it’s a thick Italian soup from seasonal vegetables. Combination of many different vegetables makes this soup very tasty and colorful. Through the process of slow roasting of onion, celery, carrot and fennel, minestrone gets on an incredible flavor. There are many ways to cook minestrone. For example, some recipes contain…

  • Pizza. From dough to topping.

    Pizza. From dough to topping.

    5/5 (1) Pizza. Pizza – one of the famous dishes in the world. But not everyone knows that to cook pizza at home is pretty quick and easy. Today I’ll tell you how to cook pizza. Everything, including dough, sauce and topping ingredients. Here are three kinds of pizza below: “Margherita”, “Four Cheese” and “Prosciutto-Arugula”.…

  • Marinated Artichoke recipe

    Marinated Artichoke recipe

    4.5/5 (2) Marinated artichoke it’s a delicious flavored dish which might be serving by itself as a carpaccio or you could add it to a pasta, salads, risotto,pizza , meat or vegetable ragout. Artichoke is a perennial herb of the family Asteraceae. Is believed an artichoke is native of the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands.…